Sunday, June 21, 2015

I have been a bad blogger

I admit it, I have gotten quite lazy with my posts.  After the excitement (and drama) of building a home from the ground up, what else is there?

The fixes.

Let's go back to our 30 day.  We had a few issues, only one of which was major.  I kind of think that one major issue, led me to notice things of a similar nature in the home.  The major issue- our hallway in the basement was crooked.  Crooked, narrow- whatever- I just knew it wasn't right.  I had to convince my husband that I wasn't crazy when I said the basement hallway narrows as you walk in.   If you look at the floor plan of the basement, you will notice there is one long wall as the entry way to the main part of the basement, and a diagonal wall,  connected to it, right at the very end.  This diagonal wall was 3 inches too long and made the longer wall bow out.  Yes- I spotted a 3 inch difference. 

There solution was to take 1 1/2 inches from each wall to open the space back up.  And speaking of spaces- I am still a little irritated with the PM for not turning this space into a usable closet
This is the dead space under the stairwell, a perfect opportunity for a LARGE storage closet.  Sigh- guess my contractor (when I get one) can take care of that for me.

Now if you notice- in the last pic there is a missing face plate for my light switch.  My PM kept saying he would replace and never did- I will explain  a little later on why that never happened.

As far as the other things that I noticed- for your viewing pleasure
This is the TP holder in the master bathroom.  I have a sink in the powder room, that looks pretty much the same.  I was in the process of waiting to spot our PM in the neighborhood (to notify him of the work that still needed to be done) only to find out through the grapevine that our PM QUIT!  I was NEVER informed.  Okay fine, the new PM (which was the original PM), will pick up where the old PM left off right?  I waited 2 weeks, before my husband got the info from our neighbor who was still in the build process.  I texted and got a ring at my doorbell within 5 mins.  He didn't know that our 30 day was never completed  and we are almost 3 months out.  RH drops the ball again- or should I say this division and its workers drop the ball.

I will say that I am actually a little jealous of other RH communities where the PM goes the extra mile, and you get a nice shiny key chain at close and your SR comes by bearing gifts to help celebrate your new home and your new adventure.  None of that happened here, and I am little disappointed about that.  
BUT, I have this nearby
The little things really do count.

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