9/6/14- Placed a hold on lot 41

9/7/14- Signed a purchase agreement for Courtland Gate, switched lots from 41 to 14

9/11/14- Met with NVR loan officer, signed loan paperwork (keeps fingers crossed)

9/14/14- Signed addendum for structural changes (added windows and garage service door)

9/18/14- Picked out flooring, back splash, and tile for bathrooms
              Had phone interview with actual bank that would be providing the loan;
              pre approval given on the spot.   Waiting for underwriting to complete their end.

9/25/14-  Met with Guardian, to set up wireless network, a couple of pre wires and
                an alarm system

9/27/14 -  Final selections made, the wait game begins

11/4/2014- Request for Updated Information from Amerihome (grrr!)

11/5/2014- Schedule Pre construction meeting

11/13/14- Loan paperwork finally submitted to underwriting.  They have 72 hours to respond

11/20/14- Pre construction meeting, scheduled to break ground the week of 11/24.  Loan in que-
                 underwriters had 40 loans to process since last week.

11/24/14  Broke Ground!

11/29/14- Footers in place

12/3/14- Forms in place

12/5/14 - Foundation in place

12/09/14-  Conditional Loan Approval

12/16/14- Lumber has arrived

12/19/14- Basement Framed

12/21/14- First floor framed

12/28/14- Framed and Wrapped

12/31/14- HVAC, plumbing to start on Monday.  Scheduled pre drywall inspection for 1/12, will do                    walk thru on 1/08/15!

1/08/15 Pre Dry Wall meeting- inspector scheduled to be on site 1/12/15

1/12/15 Pre Dry Wall inspection complete, few minor issues to resolve

1/17/15  Dry walled!  Siding placement has begun

1/21/15- Delivery of some trim work

1/23/15- Received a call from PM that dry was complete and that inside trim work will begin

2/1/15- Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets installed, balusters installed, chandeliers installed
             wainscoting installed, dining room columns installed, master bath floor tiled, hall bath floor
             tiled. some paint completed needs touch up

2/6/15- Kitchen cabinets completely installed with hardware, granite counter tops installed, hardwood
              floors installed, crown molding in place. fireplace surround and mantle in place, WE HAVE
               LIGHTS, master bathroom completely tiled, thermostat and security alarm panels installed

2/13/15- carpet installed, replaced kitchen cabinets, stairs and railings are being stained, lot has been
                graded and topsoil added, walkways have been added

2/15/15- Staining of banisters and steps has begun, still waiting on railings for portico

2/25/15- exterior door painted, foyer window trimmed as well as decorative "vent" for garage and

2/27/15- official lock and key hardware installed.  Settlement company now has keys
               Translation:  LOCKED OUT; pre settlement scheduled for 3/06/15; closing scheduled
                for 3/12/15

3/05/15- pre settlement rescheduled to 3/10/15

3/06/15- Huge discrepancies noted in our paperwork- submitted and resubmitted verification of

3/10/15- pre settlement walk through complete; informed asset verification needed

3/11/15- post build inspection complete

3/16/15- loan paperwork finally resubmitted to underwriters

3/25/15- received GFE and locked rate

4/1/15-  CLOSED

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