Thursday, April 23, 2015

Furniture and Nail Pops

It seems like forever since I updated this blog.  Oh wait, I just did that last week!

Things seem to be coming right along.  Our loan was already sold to another bank- on this they actually move fast, smh.

We purchased a few pieces of furniture and got some really good deals.    This time around while looking for furniture, we are being VERY picky and not limiting ourselves to just one store.   I previously posted about these purchases and this is how they look in the home so far....

Morning room still needs a little work.  In the model homes- they all seem to have a sideboard.  I typically think of this only for the formal dining area, so I think I will do a couple of side tables to elevate my potted plants I just purchased today.

I would also like to point out my husband's handy work in installing our ceiling fan

In the family room we did place the leather seating, but I am not quite sure if I like placement of everything.  Hubbie and I can't quite agree on the type of console to put in here and of course I would like some pop of color via accent chairs.  The question is- which color to choose?  I did decide not to cover up those gorgeous wooden floors.  

Oh and I came across this rustic distressed floor lamp!  I will get  couple of table lamps similar to this one to add a little more light to the FR.

And it finally happened- our first nail pop.

Just discovered that they fix these once and one time only- so I will save these for the 10 month review.

Still waiting for RH to finish landscaping my yard.  They regraded the front and side and planted the standard community shrubbery but some how, someway they ran out of dirt to finish the back.  What is it getting shipped in from Italy?  There is PLENTY of dirt around these parts right now.   


  1. Beautiful kitchen!!! I love the new dining table and lamp too!

  2. Congratulations! Your house looks amazing!

    FYI...we had a local company do custom closets in our townhouse and the did an incredible job. They will be doing custom closets and a frameless shower door the day after we settle. They are reasonably priced and do quality work. Make sure you shop around and look at reviews before you sign anything. The company is L&R Installations and there number is 215-946-0500

    We settle on May 26th so I'm sure we will be seeing you around.

    Congrats again on your house!

    1. Thanks- our guy is local as well- and for a closet that we can change when the mood suits us, I think we got a steal. Since we are doing or sons' closets as well, it was important that it could grow with them and this system allows us to switch out what we need.

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