Friday, April 24, 2015

Victory Closets Design

We recently had our closets measured for a full on closet storage design.  In an effort to keep our bedrooms neat and tidy we decided on no dresser in our room, just a couple of night stands.  To help facilitate this we knew we needed something better then the closet maid wire shelving that RH typically installs to make better use of our closet space.  In comes Victory Closets.  If the name sounds familiar its because I previously blogged about this company on our trip to the Philadelphia Home Show.  

These are the 3D designs he came up with (and encouraged by my husband)

This design makes use of all  available wall space (including a tiny nook that RH left out) and includes shelving as well as 8 drawers.  What is unique about this system is that all the parts are interchangeable.  Meaning I can add an extra shelf from my closet to my son's closet (yes they are getting revamped closets as well) if I needed to and vice versa.  I could call and add other parts, like a drawer,  months later.   I would say that this closet system has at least tripled our storage options while doubling my sons'.  The one drawback is that this system only comes in one stain.  

I will take pics of the install once it is complete.


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