Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yesterday and another shopping spree

Yesterday we attempted to walk the unpaved trail towards the park that's about 1/2 mile behind my home.  We stopped well before we could even go half way.  Two reasons for this:  the trail was VERY muddy AND we saw about 20 (yes twenty) deer running through the brushes. While  I am not afraid of deer,  I am afraid of whatever was making them run in a panic.  Shhh- listen to nature, lol.

Today was big errand day- and I still didn't get everything that I set out to purchase.  I still didn't get my area rug and now my kids are missing their new lunch boxes and my husband is missing a couple of new tools (reportedly needed to finally install my fan).
The goal was to purchase furniture for the basement in effort to move a lot of the activity out of  view of guests.  We toured our local furniture store Raymour and Flanigan because I already had credit with them and the basement didn't really need any of the custom furniture we had been purchasing lately.  That's when we stumbled upon this 

This was a floor sample so we got the set at a steal of a price.   We also purchased this for the guest room.

 While the sales person was checking on extending the financing for these items (later discovered my 36 month could have been 48 months- grrr!)  I spotted another floor sample that I thought would be a better buy for the basement 

 The problem- the basement door wasn't wide enough to allow us to move it downstairs so we purchased it for the family room instead and thus I finally have furniture for this space.   I do plan on getting a few accent pieces but I finally feel that we have enough for the main living spaces.  

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