Sunday, March 29, 2015

A little more shopping

We went furniture shopping again.  This time we only had time to visit one store as Sunday hours around these parts are 12-5.  It took awhile to convince anyone to head out today, but I was determined.
Like before- our purpose was to find beds for everyone.   My kids still want to share a room.  That's fine as they are still young enough that will work.  The other room will be designated as their playroom until they decided they need separate spaces.  Originally we searched for beds that had storage underneath but when the kids kept insisting on bunk beds we agreed on this:
This also comes with a desk. And since toys will not be in the room, we actually have space to add an additional student desk so each will have their own private space.
We included this in the write up
When it came to the master bedroom, my husband and I continue to butt heads.  I couldn't understand his need for a white bedroom.  When I bluntly asked him why- he said because he wants the room to still feel open and light.  That, I can understand.  It's the reason why I wanted those glazed hazelnut Rushmore cabinets so bad.  So I agreed to a distressed type white for our bedroom furniture.  I still can't come to terms with his instance on a queen size bed in the size of the master we have.  He feels that the queen bed is plenty of room and says that when he rolls over he never rolls over onto me.  LIES!  I sleep on the edge rather frequently and yes,an wayward arm or leg does smother me from time to time.  With all that, I didn't argue too much when we wrote the order up for this in a queen:
The distressed look for this brand is called "worn linen".  We also added two night stands but no dresser or chest of drawers.  We plan on customizing our walk in a little later to hold all of our clothes.  Guess I am going to have to down size so he can have space in the closet.  The things we do for the ones we love. *giggle   

Color:  Worn linen

While we were searching through the catalogs for just the right bed for the kids, we sat on this bench
It easily accommodated all of us and was quite comfortable to sit on (to my surprise).  So we added this to the order as well,  to add the extra seating to the morning room table.  

In case you were wondering- no charge cards were used on these shopping trips.  I am not giving that mortgage company any more reasons to hold us up.   This order was just written up- as these items have to be made since we customized them a little.  Once we have the keys- we are heading back to the store to put 50% down on this and to pay for our other little beauty.  

My next major course of action is the appliances and an area rug for the morning room. And lets not forget those darn temporary blinds.  


  1. The bunk bed is super nice. For the same reasons, we also have to get a bunk bed. Exactly same reason. Would you mind sharing where are you getting this from? I really like it has a desk too. Thank you

    1. This was from Oskar Huber- but many furniture stores sell the same type thing- just got to search for a twin over full bunk bed.

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  3. If you are willing to purchase a bunk bed online, I would recommend Bunk Bed King ( We ended up buying the boys about a year ago the "Honey Tall Twin Stairway Bunk Bed" for $598 with free shipping ( It was easy to put together, good quality and cheap.

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  5. This one looks more comparable to what you had selected, but with extra storage.