Thursday, March 26, 2015

Post Walk Through Fixes

I received a call from my PM yesterday requesting that I come sign off on repairs that were done as per our pre settlement and inspection requests.  Turns out that HVAC unit in the attic had a loose valve causing the leak.  Hard to believe that such a minor thing could have caused major damage and inconveniences.   I also have my concrete driveway apron in place and repairs have been made to the asphalt.  About that asphalt repair- looks crappy.  But I said nothing because I already know they rather do a patch job then re pour the whole driveway and actually make it look likes someone cares about the property.   Sigh.  What they didn't repair yet is my portico and concrete step to the porch, nor did they do the touch up paint job on the outside of the home.  Double Sigh.

There is hay down on my lot trying to soak some of the moisture.  Kind of useless since it rained pretty good making my whole lot a muddy mess.  Luckily, there was no grass seed laid yet because if that washed away, I am pretty sure we would have had a hard time getting them to come back and reseed the yard.  Besides- my lot will be regraded as soon as a "true" spring which for my PM consistent temps of 60 degrees or more.

He also admitted that the cleaning crew have not come out to clean the home yet.  He said he likes to wait until the day before or the day of closing to have the cleaning crew come in and make the home sparkle.  With as wet and muddy as the outside of my home has been I can appreciate that.

Last but not least my neighbor's home is on the fast track for completion.
Looking Good!  I finally was able to question the actually number of Courtland Gates in the neighborhood.  We have a grand total of 3 and none of them are built quite the same.  I like that.

PS- Calling the mortgage company tomorrow to make sure that we are still on track for 3/31 (we better be!)

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  1. I'm crossing my fingers for you. I have heard so many horror stories about getting things fixed. I hate to keep seeing it happen. It seems it's more the rule than the exception. Wishing you few hassles and a smooth closing.