Friday, March 13, 2015

Almost there.........

Our loan papers have finally been resubmitted to the underwriters.  We now have a closing date of 3/31/15 that can be moved up if the underwriters clear everything.  Even with that, the loan processor just threw a small snag into the works- figures right?  We have completed our 2014 taxes and owe a few hundred dollars.  My husband and I are use to this by now because we now fall into a tax bracket were a lot of the credits we use to be able to claim- we can no longer claim.  So at the end of the year, even with us claiming no dependents through out the year, they want a little bit more.  Normally we write a check, and be done with it until next year.  This year- every dollar counts and so simply writing a check RIGHT at this point we can not do.   So the plan was to click the send button on April 15th.  Nope- they want confirmation that the taxes were completely filed including payment.  Our loan processor says she will check with underwriting to see if this absolutely necessary.  I warned her we could file but we would ask for a short term payment plan (something like 2-3 months).  Somehow the last week of pulling together assets escaped her and she now thinks, no big deal just write the check.

Now you ask- what's the big deal?  When we decided to make the purchase of the new home non contingent, we did not know that the mortgage company would then ask for 6 months of reserves to cover for BOTH mortgages.  So the assets we had, was still short of what they wanted.  Thus a mad scramble to come up with the rest of the cash.  Now this is not so bad as we feel we can sell our current home relatively quickly but again- that will take another 6 weeks compared to the urgency of now.   We came up with the cash but it has put us in a "Don't touch anything!" mode.   And now you know why we have been a little jumpy.   Okay that and the fact we had to kill a whole tree to prove that our income was a lot more than what they said.  Geez- I knew our DTI wasn't as high as they claimed!


  1. That sucks, there is no reason why they should need you to pay your taxes before the day they are do. I didn't hear about this six-month reserve, I wonder if we are going to have this surprised to.

    1. Don't be surprised- ask now. The income verification was tiresome but doable (my husband is technically self employed and I had heard that they are a little tougher on those who are) It was the gathering of enough assets that nearly did us in.

  2. We're nervous about these issues as well. We're keeping our current property and converting into a rental which can get complicated. Hang in there your almost at the finish line.