Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Snow Storm

Mother Nature is playing with my emotions.  The Philadelphia area is predicted to get 3-5 inches (or 4-8 inches depending on who you listen to) over night.  Actually the snow storm is suppose to last most of the day on Thursday causing some forecasters to say it may be even a foot of snow.

While the meteorologists are jumping up and down with glee- I keep praying that they are all DEAD WRONG!  A snow storm means that I  may not be able to do pre settlement tomorrow.  It may also mean I will have to re schedule my inspection.  To top it off- I am stressing over this mortgage.  They keep asking for MORE paperwork.  And even after we gave them all that- they wanted us to lower more debt.  Excuse me? In one week?! So I had to pour over the credit report and found a couple of reporting errors.   I will be so glad when this part is over.



  1. Mother Nature and I have not seen eye to eye for a few weeks now. So I feel for you. Now your lender wants to make his/her commission so I'm sure they will do whatever it takes to get it closed. Just take a deep breath and know it will all work out. Good luck!!

  2. I really hope the snow storm doesn't cancel your pre-settlement today! At least you have about a week before closing so hopefully, even if pre-settlement is delayed, your closing won't be delayed by the snow.

    I can't believe NVR was asking you to lower debt in one week. That's just not realistic! Hopefully, now that you caught the errors, NVR won't have any more issues.

    Good luck at pre-settlement!