Saturday, October 11, 2014

Final Selections

It was finally time for our final selections- IE the exterior of the home.  We easily agreed on the Spanish Olive for the siding but the shutters and doors was another matter. I really wanted a red door.  Red doors are supposed to let in happiness and I really want my home to be a happy place.  Alas the red door selections were few and then didn't look well with the shutters.  The SR mentioned that most people just pick black shutters- we shut that down immediately.

In the end we picked one of their suggested color schemes:  Spanish  Olive siding, Fiery Red Shutters and a French Roast Door

For the stone we chose the option as it seem to capture all the colors of the exterior.

Other selections we made was to add two more outlets for the prewires and that was it.  I try to convince them that they wanted to throw in the gourmet island for free but to no avail.

We considered adding the wet bar but decided that it would probably be cheaper using an outside source, in addition this would probably be the person helping to finish out the media room.

This a shot of the media room in the model.  It's HUGE! 

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