Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Courtland Gate in the neighborhood

We're not original anymore!  Okay we stopped being an original about 2 weeks after we signed the original purchase agreement.   AND they chose the lot right across the street from us!  To be fair, their are not that many lots left that can handle the square footage of the Courtland Gate if you want to add the morning room.  No morning room?  You can pretty much pick any lot that you want.  But who doesn't want a morning room?

Thank RH rules about not choosing the same elevation and siding color works tremendously in our favor.  We have elevation C with a flat porch,  which gives us a 1 foot bump out in the foyer and a 2 foot bump out in the study and bedroom 4.  As mentioned before we will have a mix of siding and stone for our elevation.  What makes this elevation cool is that it was one of the incentives for the month so this was FREE for us!  I love free.

A little birdie told me that they picked the 2nd elevation, I like the porch but I truly hate those darn folded gables.  The other point to make is that I do not have a side entry garage, so instead of those nice flat windows you see on the right, we have actually have a 2 car garage.

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