Sunday, October 5, 2014

Structural changes and NVR Meeting

We set our meeting with NVR 4 days later.  In the meantime our SR was trying to pressure us to have any structural changes ready by Wednesday.  Don't let them do this to you!  You have a full week and after much back and forth between me and the husband we finally requested that we be given our full 7 days.  See we purchased on our Courtland Gate based on the floor plan alone (insert gulp here).  The nearest model was about 1 hour away and we hadn't seen it yet.  More on that later

The NVR meeting was set to happen at the model in our community.  We came prepared.  Both I and my husband had been doing our homework.  Something I suggest you do if you are planning to purchase a home, new construct or resale.  This doesn't just mean saving for a down payment (which is actually the least of your worries) but checking your credit and fixing any problems, pay down debt and begin gathering documentation.  In our case, I knew our debt to income ratio.  And I knew that our buying a home would not be contingent on selling our current home, because our DTI was very low.  Check this link to help figure out your DTI:  I suggest that you calculate your DTI before hand, this information will be used later to fill out any mortgage paperwork.  

Now don't get me wrong- our credit is not "stellar".  I have a ton student loans, but all my bills were paid on time giving me a close to excellent  FICO score.  My husband also has his share of snafus, but he had been working on showing a good payment history and removing any erroneous reports on his credit report.   To this end, I suggest you actually purchase the service of credit monitoring service.  Can't afford it then try this:  It is free, just have to deal with upsale attempts but nothing too intrusive.  

Our meeting went very smoothly and we spent most of the time just randomly talking.  

Now back to viewing the model- we rushed to Delaware on a Tuesday after I got out of work.  What a nightmare!  We had to rush to get my youngest from pre school- who decided to have an "accident" that had to be cleaned up before we could get on the road.  Then of course, there was traffic.  Ever traveled 95 south after work?  Unless you have time to kill I wouldn't suggest you do it.  We got there with 5 minutes to spare and did a quick walk through.  My thoughts:  my home is going to be beautiful!  My husband's thoughts:  our house is way too big, we need to downsize.

Uh oh. 

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