Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shopping Spree!

I am on a shopping spree!  Well a shopping spree in my head.  My taste have changed vastly since  purchasing my current home.  My tastes as well as my income and I am ready to upgrade EVERYTHING!  Best yet- my husband is on board!  There is so much I want to do with the new house that  I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  So I made the decision to list the items I want to purchase in order of importance and the list of places I want to consider.

1. We need food and a place to store it.  We didn't finance a refrigerator through Ryan Homes- we wanted to purchase one  and pay it off right away.   This is the one I have got my eye on

2.  In the city- there are plenty of laundromats.  This is how I am surviving until the move- my dryer broke 2 months ago.  I need a new washer and dryer. I checked Consumer Reports for the best washer and dryer that met these criteria:  quiet, energy efficient, and large capacity.   This top load washer and dryer from LG with its 5.2 capacity fits the bill.

3   The bedrooms- we need new bedroom furniture.  I will focus on the beds for now.  The current plan is to give the bunk beds to my youngest son, purchase a full size bed for my oldest son. purchase a king size bed for us and give the queen mattress over to the guest room.  Whew.  Now I have purchased at some big name furniture company- twice.  Particle board and plywood is they offered.  I decided to go Amish.  This book has been my bible.  True Amish furniture is still made the way THEY use to make Grandmom's furniture .  The pieces that get passed from generation to generation is what I am after. 

4.  Let's eat- getting a table for my hard earned morning room is also a must.  I am looking for an "antique" type dining set for this area.  This will be one of the most used spaces in my home.  I want something that already looks like it been through a little something- so that if my boys add a few more knicks it will just add to its character.  I will also get this from the Amish- did I neglect to mention that buying from the Amish means that my furniture will be custom and handmade.  This is similar to the look that I am after

5. My last course of action before slowing down my spending spree is to purchase window treatments.  Of course I have a found a place that will do free design and make my treatments for me.  I can't wait to shop here!  

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