Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flooring Meeting`

Now that the specter of not having a morning room, we moved on to an appointment I actually was looking forward too:  FLOORING!

We had already picked out our cabinet so this would be a piece of cake right?  Yes and no.  I had a wonderful rep from Advance Flooring and Design who picked up on my sense of style (at least when it comes to homes) and begun suggesting items that I almost immediately loved.  The no part is the realization that "Resilient Flooring" is Ryan Homes fancy term for vinyl.  I could see this was going to cost us more money.  The other no was that my wonderful iPhone picked exactly this day to act up so I don't have many pics from our choices.

My husband had a prior engagement downtown, so I started the appointment without him.  We picked out the hardwoods that would be throughout the first floor of the home.  Now this was a major compromise.  During the home search, I told my husband I wanted hardwood everywhere.  He proclaimed that he liked the feel of carpet under his feet.  So we split the difference that each of us got a some of what we wanted.  Of course this was before we decided to partially finish the basement, but things like flooring can easily be changed later.

My style tends to be more traditional with lighter and neutral colors.  I picked the  Rushmore Square Maple Glaze Hazelnut cabinet because I really liked the antique/ distressed look.

Next came the granite counter tops.  We had originally shelled out the funds for upgrade 2, but decided that upgrade one was fine.  Santa cecilia is very popular

Now my original choice for floors was actually named traditional
But that changed to this at my husband's preference

The back splash in kitchen was a combination of the upgrade 2 we have chosen and a nonstandard request for a listello inlay

In the secondary bathroom we kept the standard white marble vanity and upgraded the surround and the floor to white marble as well

We decided to keep the standard carpet as well the standard vinyl in the laundry.  The laundry will have the same granite counter tops

The master bath is where we did the serious (okay semi serious) upgrade.  We up grade to level C, kept the standard white marble vanity and also included the espresso cabinets

I hope this will look as beautiful as I imagine in my head.

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