Monday, October 6, 2014

Structural Addendum Dilemma

"I've been thinking" is the phrase I have come to dread hearing from my husband during this whole process.  It normally means its something that I will not like.   And this time when he said it, I was totally in dismay.  Until this time all he wanted to do was add windows and a garage service door.
This time he gave a whole list of changes that HE wanted:  keep the windows, get the brick veneer with full porch, get a standard owner's bathroom, add a sitting room, move the house back to lot 41 and REMOVE the morning room.  Excuse me? 

I tried to remain calm, I tried to be reasonable.  His reasoning for removing the morning room:  we don't need it.  Okay this isn't a house about needs, this is a dream home and we put what we WANT in it.  I want that morning room.  We can afford it so let's get it. 

I avoided the conversation again until we had to submit our requests to the SR.  "What do you want me to tell the SR"  His response:"Well you know what I want but you won't listen to me"  Wife translation:  Do what you want.
So I submitted the changes for the additional window and the service door. 

Fast forward to Family Day at the community and we went to sign the paperwork for the changes and to meet a few of our new neighbors.  We walk into the sales office at the model, the addendum was placed before us, he reads it, shakes his head, and says "I'm not signing it."  My head was reeling, he really wanted to take away the morning room from me.

I walked outside and he followed me trying to argue his point, but I kept walking and I wouldn't turn around.  I kept walking right off the community site and right into the surrounding neighborhood. I discovered the park that is situated behind our new house and I sat in one of the swings.  I cried.  My heart was so heavy that I couldn't breath.  Now a few of you may say I am bit dramatic but I knew if I didn't get this morning room there would be no way to get it later.  I just had to convey that to him and I needed time to think without getting super emotional in front of him.  I needed to think, so I sat and swung for the next 45 minutes or so.  

I started a slow walk back, dreading the next conversation.  That's when he texted me to come back so we could sign the paperwork.  What?!   YIPPEE!   I later discovered that my neighbors talked him into it after they discovered I disappeared  in disagreement.  I love my new neighbors.   

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