Sunday, October 5, 2014

Take It From The Top Cont'

So where did we leave off?

We kept our scheduled meeting with the SR to price out our Verona but was having trouble falling in love with the plan. The owner's walk in closet was IN the bathroom. Definitely not a layout that we favored. So we started talking customization- adding the bonus room, putting a door in between that room and the master bedroom and removing the closet all together from the bathroom. That would work right? In the mean time our SR told us about the wonderful fall sales event that would allow us to have huge discounts on all of our upgrades. We even walked a lot that was graded for a walk out basement. I still wasn't sold.

The SR kept urging us to put a hold on our preferred lot before someone else snatched it up. No thank you. My husband has a thing against pressure tactics and the answer will always be a big fat no when you do that. Thanks for the information but we are keeping our meeting with Toll Brothers. In the mean time my husband kept eyeing the Courtland Gate with its 2 story foyer that would help give that open feel that his wife loved so much. Was that an absolute no on the CG? SR responds- if that was a deal breaker, she can ask to get us the CG. Good, do that, but we are going to Toll Brothers.

The weekend arrives and it is now time for our scheduled meeting at the latest Toll Brother site. First things first, I despised the drive to get there. No life, no nearby markets, nothing. But it was Toll Brothers so we were going. We pulled up to the trailer and noticed that clearing of the land hadn't even begun! This could be a problem. The goal was to attempt to get my youngest in the school district by the time he was ready for kindergarten.

We were greeted with a half hearted hello and it got worse from there. Since we had been thru thus so many times before we got right down to business. We asked about incentives. There are no incentives.
Excuse me? You JUST opened up about 2 weeks ago and there are no home buying incentives? You offer that to the first buyers to get people to come in. Well according to your interactive map, you have sold a grand total of 3 with a sketchy 4 home sites. Okay thank you for your time.

We were in total disbelief, I was totally disgusted. He wanted to look at one more home site, which turned out to be another Toll Brothers place we had already seen. Then he wanted to go back to another builder, the one with the power lines in the back yard. No sir, I will not have my children playing any where near those things. Let's just do Ryan Homes. The price is right, the incentives are great and about a 30 minute drive for me to any office, better than the 40 min drive I currently do at least twice a week.

We placed a hold on a lot that day.

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