Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lot 41 turns into Lot 14

We sat down with our SR to price out our home and we were told we could have the Courtland Gate.   Yay!  We were going to be an original in the community (more on that later).

So we upgraded our Courtland Gate, and we upgraded.   And after all that upgrading we discovered that our design would not fit on our preferred lot. What are we going to do now?  Our SR gave us a list of available lots that would fit our chosen layout.  Call me selfish, but  I wanted a lot where we didn't share a backyard with our neighbors.

Dutifully we checked out the other sites, in the end we chose lot 14 at double the price of our original lot.

What made this new lot just right?  It was situated right at the beginning to the proposed walking trail (this trail will lead right to the park that was behind the community) which meant we would pretty much get upgraded landscaping for free, at least along that edge of the property. Now I will miss the ability to have a walkout basement but having a daylight basement is cool as well.  And if we are so inclined we can shell out a few thousand dollars and make our daylight basement a walkUP basement.

Pssstttt- I will be posting a list of our options and upgrades soon.  We got a really good deal! (or at least I hope so)

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  1. Hi LChapman! I saw you comment on another blogger site about building in PA. I just had to check out your blog! I only read a few titles of posts & saw Lot 41! I am wondering if we are in the same community? We are seriously considering building on a Lot 41 in Hilltown Walk in PA. It has a side trail to a park. I read this post & I just had to write to you. Are we in the same neighborhood?! We just started our blog. Eager to hear back from you! Meghan