Sunday, December 21, 2014

First Floor Framework

As promised, I drove out to the home site get more pics and even more frame work was completed.  In fact, there were workers there on a Sunday completing my bay window.  I still didn't get in their way but I definitely got out the car, and walk around the house.  I even smiled and waved to give them the idea "Hey, she sure is nice!".   I suspect that the second floor will be complete by the time we get back from our Christmas voyage to VA.
But on to the more important stuff:  FRAMEWORK PICS!

Living Room Side with Bay Window

Dining Room 


Living Room and Foyer



starting to see how some windows get broken so easily

Family Room 

The big square in the middle- Fireplace 

Tunnel shot

After taking the pics, I stopped by the model home to talk to my SR.  The Courtland Gate across from us is still in the mortgage phase- and I thought my people were slow.  The SR confirmed they just dropped off  their down payment yesterday.  She also informed me that she just finished writing a contract for another Courtland Gate- this one  is only 1 door down from the CG across from me.   The home sites are filling in quite nicely and I suspect by spring the community will be 75% sold.  
If this is the case- I hope that they actually pave the trail by then- the muddy boys story my neighbor to the left told me, is just making me cringe! 


  1. I love the bay window! It just surprises me how all of the building materials just get left out. I wonder how many instances of theft they have had over the years?

    1. I think the stage for theft is when the cabinets and the appliances arrive- those are easier to sell on the black market.
      At this point I am more worried about my precious lumber getting wet and the increased potential for mold.

  2. Overall the occurrence of theft of the building materials must be pretty low. Low enough where it's not worth the effort to secure them. Once the cabinets and appliances come the home is typically locked up by then.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the lumber getting wet. It happens with every house and every builder. As long as the house is dried-in before insulation and interior finishes begin you won't have a problem.

    They are making short work of your framing. We were stuck in the framing stage for almost 3 weeks! Things will really start to come together quickly now!