Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Neighbors are the best!

I convinced my husband to drive out to the house today.  I was really worried about the foundation and those weak spots I saw in the foundation.  Luckily it was just the way the pictures were taken.

While we were there our next door neighbor (the one with the too close playground- found out later that it was never really that close but I digress) came out to greet us.  I am embarrassed to say that I nor my husband remembers his name.   But he informed and assured me of a couple of things

1. My neighbor on the other side of me works for Toll Brothers (scandalous!) and that's a plus.  Why?  My house sits between two gentlemen who take a vested interest in making sure that RH does not cut corners in the community.  Apparently they have been known to "kindly" point out errors and sloppy work and strongly suggest that it be done correctly.

2.  He volunteered to take pics when I couldn't. He performed this service for another neighbor who recently closed.

He also told me that both of them watched closely when they poured the foundation and that we should be okay.   Yes- both knew we have the Courtland Gate.

The next step is the pouring of the basement slab- which should be completed by Tuesday.  The back fill portion will probably have to wait until next week.   We have a few more days of- you guessed it-rain.  I truly don't remember December being this wet without a case of a heavy bout of the white stuff.

Now for that too close playground- never was.  Now that the foundation is in place I can clearly see how everything is set up and its no where near our sump pump line.  Whew!

Gossip- the other Courtland Gate- the one across the street from me- was put on hold.  I know I was a bit disappointed  about not being unique anymore, but I was a little excited as well to have another family of boys across the street from us.  Apparently our community should  currently be referred to as Boytown.  Most of the families, like us, have boys.  Plenty of potential playmates  :)

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