Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Wish List Grows

I really need to stop reading other blogs- I get way too many ideas!  At  this rate I will need to hit Powerball or Mega Millions really soon.

One of the DIY projects that I really want (and that I felt Ryan overpriced) is under cabinet lighting.  I briefly looked a puck lighting but decided to hold off exploring any more products until we officially moved into the home.  That was until I read another blog where they switched out their heat registers (totally copying this) and installed decorative switch plates.  Being the nosy curious person that I am I decided to take a look at the link that they provided.  What they did NOT say is that this company provides a modular under cabinet lighting system that can expand your outlets, add usb ports and even digital music connect.  What I like best is all the DIY videos for their products and the total walk thru of how to plan and install the product.  They even let you use a program to figure out the best configuration for your space.  My hypothetical configuration costs about $229 vs the $995 RH would have charged JUST for lights

Another blogger got quite a shock when speaking to their former PM about 30 day repair work.  In their discussion about scheduling time frames to repair squeaks or some other such thing, the PM casually told them not worry about being at the house- he STILL HAD THE KEY!  So we are going to do as they suggested and re key our locks.  That was until I came across this fancy contraption 

Yep- you too can have a key less entry to your home with Kwik Set Smart Key.  I am normally not a fan of punching in numbers to unlock stuff- but this somehow got my attention.  I guess I just imagine a way for my kids to get in if they lose their key at school or on the playground or some other such place.  And the fact that it's not too pricey (okay this one is pricey but matches all my hardware) and another easy DIY makes it even better.

Back to the blogger who switched out their heat registers- yeah I researched that too and again  I can have it match my hardware- but this I will definitely hold off until we do some brainstorming with an interior designer.
 I hope my husband plans on bringing in more cash in 2015, this stuff is adding up.  


  1. RH installs Kwikset locks on their homes. The Smart Key refers to the ability to rekey the locks in a matter of seconds without any disassembly or replacement parts. It's the little rectangular slot to the left of the key hole in your picture. That's how RH keys all your doors alike. So if you were to purchase that lockset you could actually use the new key that comes with it and reset all the other locks on the house to work with the that key. It's a moot point now but Home Depot actually had these on a Black Friday deal for $29/each. I was planning to buy a few but of course they were gone.

    1. I am an official Ebate girl now. Ebates offers coupons for some of the most popular stores: Lowe's. Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy, even Amazon. In addition they offer a percentage cash back! And with most stores, you order online and pick it up at the store. So even at full price, its possible to get these at a great deal.
      BTW- Home Depot still have them on sale online.

    2. Oh BTW, not sure about your area, but around here the door hardware is always oil-rubbed bronze on the exterior regardless of your inside selections.

  2. you should have come on this blog earlier before you signed your paperwork to get all your ideas. LOL

    One thing we did was frame out our Study to fit the french doors. Ryan charges 895. Since it was framed to fit the door we spent 285 for doors and installed ourselves!!

    We just finished our entire basement too, to fit our standards, thats def the way to go.Lots of hard work but the glory comes with it.

    It was the funiest time for me while we were building and I was building ideas. Enjoy this time :) It will go fast.