Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mid week Drive By

I decided to take the long way to work this morning and stop by the new house to see if any progress had been made.  I wasn't expecting much as it has been a rather rainy in the area over the last couple of days.  I was right- we now have forms for the the foundation, which may or may not get poured tomorrow.  Saturday is 100% chance of the wet stuff.  In fact it is suppose to be rather wet for the upcoming weekend into Monday.  I think things will move a little faster starting next Tuesday as it is suppose to be mild weather for the majority of next week.

So here is my one ubiquitous pic of the forms.  I decided not to share the others as it had a black barrel and some trash in front of the it.  OH BTW- my neighbor decided to move the playground- wise move, I would have felt really bad if it got damaged from the construction.

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  1. We broke ground on 10/3/14, and poured the foundation on 10/31. It seemed to take forever with all the weather delays, but once they started framing, they were done in a week and a half. It moved so fast for us. Very exciting!