Friday, December 19, 2014

Frame Me

Yes! Yes!  Yes!  The framing of the Courtland Gate at lot 14 has begun.  As per usual, I took these pics on zoom to stay out of the way of the workers.  Sometime this weekend I will take some true close ups

In other news- I was taking a look at my exterior color choices again (this obsession is unreal) and I JUST realized they actually give you color choices if you want your shutters and your door to match.  Long story short- I could have had my red door!  If kicking myself would help- I would do  that, smh.  The one thing I am not thrilled with during this whole process is the hurry up and make decisions and then we will make you wait a bit.  There are a couple of  things that I would have chosen differently if given the time: 
1.  I might have asked for special permission to build a Jefferson Square.  I love the CG but the Jefferson would have allowed us to add a 5th bedroom and incorporated  a Jack and Jill (or in my case a Jack and Jack) bathroom like my boys wanted.  In addition, I could have had a walk in pantry and an extended mudroom. 

2.  If they had said no to the Jefferson, I would have added the second bath to bedroom #2 at first build.

3.  I would have definitely gotten my red door!

Am I regretting purchasing the Courtland Gate? NO!  I am sure I will love my new home- but its the what ifs that always nag a person.  Who knows- maybe the universe knew that the Jack and Jill bathroom would be a horrible idea in 2 years, and food would have gone to waste if I had gotten that walk in pantry.  As for my red door- who knows what the universe was thinking on that one.  

Am the only one with the "What ifs'"?  Would you have chosen a different model?  Added something?  Put in a special request?  Chosen a different builder all together?   I can't be the only one whose thought these things. 


  1. Woulda, shoulda coulda!!! I still do that and ive been here two years. Wish we could have built a Courtland actually or something bigger than our Savoy. Kick myself all the time for no Bay Window in my study!!

    THERE IS NO REASON THEY CANNOT CHANGE YOUR DAMN COLOR OF YOUR DOOR!! Come on now, that's craziness. I would kick and scream for that one. It's only paint. Fight for it. Dont take NO for an answer for shit like that.

    I kick and screamed my entire way through our built (politely thought) and changed a few things mid built! It can be done, has been done and will be done in the future.

    Wish we would have thought more about our placement of hose bibs and drop sinks believe it or not!! More ceilings light and outlets.

    I approached a few workers mid stream and got some extra stuff for being extra nice.

    I never stayed out of the workers way, I was there all the time with my camera, I was respectful but at same time was like. "this is my house", no one ever minded.

    I put in many special requests, most got granted, some did not, some I pushed and got granted later after i saw another house get what I was asking for. I had an awesome PM, I actually had 2, they were the best, treated me so good. Wish my after 10month had went as smoothly or even now. Nit pick the shit out of your house the first year, cause after that you are SOL! In fact start nit picking now, pay attention to stupid placements of outlets and light switches that can easily be moved, like where they put the stupid doorbell, stuff that can be moved before the drywall goes up easily. Placement of towel holders, you will be surpised were they put those things. Placement of your shower head, make sure its high enough..............Oh my I could go on and on......and will if you want me too. hahahaha.

    1. You do realize, that you just gave me permission to be my natural self, right?
      My husband will shake his head at me but its been 15 years, he should be wondering if his wife got a body double with as mute as I have been (not counting the morning room or the island or the cabinets or the square footage of the house or building with RH)

  2. I second guess everything! Today it was the windows, yesterday it was the double oven that I passed on. I think it's normal and natural to want to change stuff. I hate how everything is "set in stone" or you can always pay extra to get it at this point.

  3. There will always be things you're going to second guess. I'm still doing it! We really wish we had done the oak direct set stairs, extra side windows in the bedrooms, double wall ovens, and the 3-car garage. All things that are not easily added after the fact. But you can't focus on what you didn't get, you have to enjoy what you do have!

    The Courtland Gate is a great home. Most of the rooms are bigger than the ones in the Jefferson Square. The dining room in particular is fairly small in the JS but very spacious in the CG. The family room, even without the extension, is larger than the majority of the RH models. The kitchen and gourmet island are huge. Master bedroom is awesome! The standard 2-car garage is bigger than most. My biggest gripes with the house are the 1st floor bathroom, mudroom, and closet. They are actually smaller than the ones in many of the smaller RH models, but to us it wasn't worth it to have all of our main living space downsized in order to gain a slightly larger powder room and mudroom.

    You are going to love your new home and if you can't get anywhere with them on the front door, a quart of paint is pretty cheap! You have to pick your battles. Stay focused on the bigger, more expensive details that will cause more aggravation down the road if done poorly/wrong.