Saturday, November 1, 2014

A little about my family

It's November 1st and we are still waiting to break ground  :(.  Building permits and underwriting of loans (ours apparently is going pretty smooth) is taking up most of this time.

I decided to give you guys a quick run down on my family to kind of pass the time.

I have known my husband for nearly 15 years, married life has taken up 7 of those years.  I married a super intelligent man and I like it that way.  And I love how he keeps his major promises (changing the light bulb is a work in progress).  Year after year he tells me what he is going to accomplish for himself and for us as a family.  And year after year he exceeds expectations.  Yes, he drives me nuts when he gets a clean cup for a drink rather than re using the one he JUST finished drinking from and so nicely left on the table, but I think he does it just to see if he can drive me crazy.   I can honestly say marrying him is the best decision I have ever made.

We are college graduates with master degrees in our fields: he is a software engineer and I am a pediatric physician assistant.  We absolutely love what we do which made finding a home a hard choice.
I moved to Philly in 2002 to start my graduate coursework.  A few months after graduating and finally getting a job in my career I discovered I was pregnant with our first son.  And thus begin the spiral of  I don't have time for myself.  It wasn't until recently that I truly felt established in my career and developed some friendships where I could truly be myself.  I took root.  My husband on the other hand is a free spirit.  California is the way to go, he would tell me.  This after he took a job in New York and wanted us to move there. Notice the spots he loved are big tech areas- places where he would definitely feel at home.  I hate change and I just had this feeling of my well established life being ripped away from me every time he peppered me with questions of why I didn't want to move so far.   In the end, I got my way and after the children are out the house, I will happily follow him anywhere he wants to go.

Our first son, SC, is a dream boat.  I am not being biased here although as his mother I have every right to be. We have always been told that we should have him model and had we not been so busy paying bills, we probably would have established his career by now.  I have a thing about sharing too many pics of my kids so don't expect to many here either, you just have to trust me.  SC was 2 1/2 when he started having seizures.  We took him to the best doctors we could find and for another 2 1/2 years we had no answers.  None of his seizure activity would show up on EEGs but he would consistently have them one right after the other, sometimes up to 40- 50 seizures a day.  He had to wear a helmet because he would have drop seizures (where he would lose all muscle tone and fall but wake up as he was about to hit what ever hard object was in the way).  At one point he was on 6 different medications with no relief.  We were referred to a specialist of the specialist.  She listened to his medical history intently and afterwards, put her finger to her lips and then pointed at him and said "I think he has Doose Syndrome"  Wait? What? After all this time, we have a name for his condition?!  SC was a complicated case because he didn't have just one type of seizure.  He had every seizure you ever read about in the medical books: Generalized, partial, staring spells, walking in circles, drop attacks, yelling.....  My son had it all.  Now we had a name to his collection of seizures, otherwise know as Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy, but do we have a cure?  Not a cure- but better meds had just hit the market and better yet HE CAN GROW OUT OF IT.  There is a lot that I am leaving out BUT his seizures have been under control for a little over 2 years now, and he is down to 2 medications.  At this point we are working with the fall out from having seizures so young in life and currently have him in a private school to help with reading while encouraging his strengths in science and math.

Little did I know, that while my first born was going through the fight of his little life, I was pregnant with number two.  Yep, MC, was born in the middle of chaos- his brother was ill and Philly had record snowfalls. I'm talking 30 inch drops within in 2 weeks of each other plus other "smaller" snow storms.  I kind of think, MC likes it that way.  He is a smart, strong willed (read as stubborn) little man that is going to take the world by storm. We just have to finish raising him first.  While my other son is peaceful and the big compromiser, MC is all about bull dozing his way through,  We call him the body guard as he doesn't take kindly to anyone messing with his family.   Thankfully he only has asthma, something I can manage quite well between me and his doctors and yet another illness that he could be finished with by time childhood is a distant memory.  For those of you who say "only asthma?!", I say after going through the hell of trying to help my oldest with his seizures with no real answers in sight for YEARS,  yes "only" is the perfect word to use.  He is already learning how to read and he starts kindergarten next year.

We also have a cat named Fuzzles.  He was a rescue cat and named by SC.  He appears to be a Siamese mix.  He is a fierce about protecting his home (he snuck out the other day to give the stray cat that's been stalking our house a good swat) and of course refuses to listen about not sitting on the furniture or the laundry.  We are a little concerned over our new hardwood floors and carpet as he still has his claws and he will not let me trim them.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (unless you say declawed- that is NOT an option)

If any more children get added to the equation- it will be adoption.  My pregnancies are high risk and busy career does not make it easier.  With both pregnancies, I was told to slow down. Uhm yeah, tell that to all the sick kids or over anxious mothers I help daily.  And I am so type A, that would NEVER work.  Besides we could be a very loving home to a child who would have otherwise not had that option.  My husband is still voting for both another pregnancy and adoption. ;)

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