Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Perpetual Wish List

It seems  like the longer it takes for us to get into our new home the longer the wish list of things we would like to do grows.  The problem: it all requires cash.

Some of the things are simple: like putting epoxy down in the garage or installing a Nest.  If you haven't heard is one the latest and greatest things to hit the environment control market.  So much so- the second generation now has competitors- the biggest form of flattery.   This plus the whole house humidifier and the whole "built smart" concept of Ryan should make heating and cooling of our home only slightly more expensive than what it costs to do the same in our 1955 row home.  Now this is amazing as the new house will be 4X the size of the current one.

If you hadn't notice- you can control this thermostat with your smart phone AND it learns your preferred comfort level.  Plus a rocket science degree is not required to do a professional install.  The down side: this unit costs on average $250.

Now I was gun ho and ready to use the free design services that I discussed in previous post.  My husband said "No". Why? Because he didn't want to be roped in to using just their furniture.  He wants to go back to my original idea of hiring a interior designing.  I know, I am the outcast of the RH blogging world, being that I am not some DIY, decorating guru (oh how I envy you!) but again that is just not in my skill set.  Ask me to make you soap, or lotion or hair conditioner and I am all over it.  Just don't ask me to decorate.  I know what I like- I just don't know how to pull it together, to make it cohesive.  But interior decorators are expensive and I dare just one them to talk about my maple glazed cabinets.

Here comes my husband with a solution. Homepolish is relatively new process (2012) that matches you with an interior designer at mid range prices.  You can control as much or as little of the process as you want as long as you pay by the hour.  I knew there was a catch!  Now hear me out- you also get access to their vendor discount.  You can look through the vendors yourself or have them do it for you.  You can even have them go shopping with you to pick out furniture pieces or accessories.  1 hour consultation fee and a minimum 5 hour booking will cost you at bare bones $550.  This company is located in a few select cities- so check out the site to see if you may be lucky enough to live nearby.

This may not be an option for all of you- but my husband insists that he has a hand in decorating (WHY?!).  He is a modernist and I am a traditionalist. I like neutral to light schemes with pops of color.  He likes dark wood tones and dark colors.  We need durable and comfortable.  You can see where this headed.  So hopefully hiring the designer will help us blend our tastes.

I promise that I will show you pics of everything we do.

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  1. for those that do not have the option to take advantage of Homepolish, they should consider researching designers that offer online services. What I mean is you take and send pictures of your space with measurements and your likes and dislikes. They charge by the hour that can include phone and facetime, vendor sources in your areaand a basic Vision boaard type to show you a layout.