Saturday, November 8, 2014

Additional Pre Construction Questions

I have been reviewing additional blogs to see what they asked at pre construction.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  I have started to ask a ton more questions- some I wished I had ask earlier.

I was once told the standard island would be 4'  (feet) long.  This would very ridiculous in the size of the current kitchen.  I don' t necessarily want the gourmet island, but can we add an extra cabinet and a longer piece of granite?

How will the tile in the bathroom be laid?  Can we get the tile in the hall bath to be laid at a diagonal?  This would add interest to all the white tile we placed in there

Starting to look at furniture purchases.  How wide is the door frame with the door in place? Is it easy to remove and replace the door if we have to?

What exactly is included in Trim Package #3?  Does it comes with the wainscoting in the dining room and up the steps?  Easy fix if it doesn't

How far in advance do you schedule pre drywall and pre settlement meetings?  I need to be able to time the arrival our own inspectors.

Which rooms get locks?

As for any left over tiling and flooring (handy for decorating,paint choices and repairs)

The CG model in DE had storage under the basement stairs- will we also have that?

How big are the ledges in the shower?  The ones we saw in the model in MD was rather small.  Can we make them bigger?

Where is the access door  to the attic located?  Can it be moved to the laundry?

We are considering installing our under cabinet lights- can an outlet be moved into inside a cabinet to hide the wires?

Dehumidifier- yay or nay?  What size and brand is best to accommodate the size of our basement?


  1. Get the gourmet island if you can, you won't regret it!

    Our tile was just laid in a straight grid pattern. Might be able to pay extra and have it laid on the diagonal.

    Front door is 36" and can be removed by simply popping out the 3 hinge pins.

    Trim pkg 3 should include: 2 piece crown in dining, living, 2nd fl hall, and study; 2 piece chair rail in dining, picture framing in dining, and cased openings on 1st fl

    All bedrooms, baths, study, exterior doors get locks.

    Floor and tile leftovers were placed under basement stairs.

    You will have space under stairs, not sure if they will finish it out but there is space under there.

    Attic access door is supposed to go in the middle of one of the bedrooms. We were able to get it moved into laundry.

    Outlet for undercab lighting can be added, but probably can't move an existing outlet.

    We were provided with a dehu from Ryan. Would strongly suggest a large unit if one is not provided when you close on home.

    1. Thanks a bunch! I kind of figured that darn island would be small. Time to put in a non standard request.