Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week One-Footers

Today marks the first of the weekly drives to the construction site.  Actually I drove out to the site twice by myself during the work week. First goal was just to see the site and the second goal was to do a real time drive from the new house to work during typical traffic.  The drives so far was EASY!

Now to the more exciting news:  we have footers!  I find this totally amazing as it snowed about 4-5 inches on Wednesday,  followed immediately by Thanksgiving.  I wonder how much will get done next week.  The forecast says it will be light rain in the morning on Wednesday  and a wintry mix on Friday followed by 2 more days of rain.  The good news: most of the days will be relatively warm.

Morning and media room

Family and morning-includes the outline of the porch

As a side note- we just realized we could have had another bathroom as part of Room #2 to make it a princess suite.  Don't know how we glossed over that one.  Really doesn't matter- it seems like something we could do later.  I will ask our PM the feasibility of doing this ourselves.  I don't really see it as a wash- just would have been nice to have as it gave the master bedroom a second walk in closet.  This little factoid jumped out at my husband as he was reading a rare Courtland Gate blog where they just closed in Richmond (my hometown).  With the exception of adding the second bath and fire place, our floor plan is exactly the same.  And a lot of our finishing touches are eerily similar if not exactly the same(but I guess that was bound to happen with a non custom builder).

Off to occupy myself for another week.

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