Friday, November 14, 2014

Island Dilemma Resolved (sorta)

After emailing customer care TWICE, I finally got a call from the regional director.  I explained my concerns about the lack of compromise and how I would just like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  I was reminded that Ryan Homes does not do custom work and was therefore unable to handle my special request.  She also told me a comparable cabinet to Timberlake that I can purchase at Home Depot but the name escapes me.  What she did offer was the ability to do a late add on of the gourmet island- at regular price.  

So the whole purpose of  my one woman crusade was to negotiate a larger island at a cheaper price than the gourmet island.  I got the larger island but it will cost me about $1700!  The only reason why we didn't add it to the original selections was because my husband insisted that the standard would be fine.  I think it was more to cut costs but whatever, I didn't argue.  Now guess what?  If  I REALLY want that island I am going to have to sweet talk him into it.

Geez!  This island better be covered in gold.


  1. $1700 really isn't too bad. I think it was over $3,000 they wanted here, but we got them to throw it in for us. At first we weren't going to do it but after having it, I can't imagine not having it! The amount of storage and counter space it provides is fantastic!

    1. He said he rather have the empty space. UGH!