Sunday, November 16, 2014

Great Island Debate Part 2

For those of you who tune in JUST to see how the island debate worked out- its over.  The change order for the gourmet island was signed today.  My dear husband really does want to see me happy.  Now for all you fellow husbands who rooted for him, he will be fine. He still has the vast majority of the basement he gets to set up any way he wishes (except for sofa choices- last time I let him do that he picked a futon).  He also gets to finish out the media room and the area of the wet bar any way his heart desires.

One of the things he is looking at (not this game but I can't give away his secrets ;)

So I get my island- he gets his arcade games, big screen TV, pool table, wet bar, poker table and new gaming system.  Fair trade right?

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  1. I would say that's more than fair. We are in the process of making our selections to finalize our contract. I gave my man free reign of the garage and shower. His two domains. Lol