Monday, November 10, 2014

Island Dilemma

Last night a fellow Courtland Gater - helped to answer a few of my pre construction questions.  Thanks CG Blogger!   He helped confirm the size of the standard island in the Courtland Gate- a mere 4 x4 for a kitchen measured at over 20' x 15'  with an attached morning room measured roughly at 16' x 11'.    The island will look like we purchased  a rolling cart out of a Sears catalog!
This island is the actually width of what they offer as standard!

So I made a non standard request- an extra base cabinet (single unit okay) with a longer piece of granite and have it run parallel to the kitchen sink.  Based on what I have been reading on the blogs- they answered with the typical RH "no"   In fact according to my SR- they qualified with absolutely no more changes.  Now, I found this really quite offensive as the only thing we actually did was to ADD windows and a garage service door.  That's it.  I didn't go back and forth with flooring, or tile or exterior color choices or deleted this to add it back- none of that.  Outside the 21 day window and they already ordered everything for our home.  Really?  We did not have the pre construction meeting yet, we have not broken ground AND the cabinets and thus the island is more likely to be installed roughly 60 days out from breaking ground.  I was then hit with "We order everything at the same time"  Please refer to my above disbelief.   "You can order the cabinet and do it yourself after settlement"  Uhm no- Timberlake is unlikely to sell me one cabinet and then I would have to do a search for the same granite and hope that my hardwood floors do not get damaged in the process.

Did I neglect to mention that I asked the size before and was not given an answer presumably because my SR did not have blue prints available (we are the first CG in the community).  I had to ask another SR in another community and then I had to verify that it was the same in my community.  That verification did not come until today.

I am not angry- just determined.  So tonight I emailed customer service.  Waiting on their response.  

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