Saturday, November 22, 2014

We have stakes!

I decided to drive by our lot today. Okay, so since the new home is about 30 minutes away from our current home its technically not a 'drive by" but you get the point.  And it looks like they staked out the lot!  Unfortunately the forecast for rain on Monday has moved from 60% chance of rain to 80% chance of rain  :/  And maybe some snow flurries later in the week!  I hate bipolar weather

Now if look you look closely at the upper left corner, you will see that our neighbors have decided to place a playground set at the property line.  Not quite sure why they did that but I am pretty they are going to wish they hadn't. With construction starting soon and the fact that RH will have to regrade our lot, it will probably cause an issue with the setting of the play ground.  That is also the place where our sump pump will drain.  I wonder if they placed it there to help them remember the property line markings?  I will have to ask them at the next community event.  

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