Wednesday, November 12, 2014

List of Companies that offer FREE Design Services

I read alot of blogs where not only are they building a fabulous home they are excellent DIYers and home decorators.
Let me be clear- my main set of skills lie in medicine, everything else is happen stance.  I know what I like- but how to tie them together without making a complete brown mess, on that, I am clueless.  Thus I was excited to find a company that would offer FREE (yes FREE) design services.  That company was Calico.  The more I searched the more companies I found offered the same service. This is a list of  free design services with and without the purchase of products

Lazy Boy


Pottery Barn

West Elm

Ethan Allen 


Laura Ashley

JC Penney

These are just a few national chains.  There are plenty of local furniture stores that offer the same service.  The idea?  To get you to spend money in their store!  So if you have trouble (like me) pulling your home's look together but really only have enough for furniture pieces and not some fancy design consultant then this may be a viable option for you.

Happy Decorating!

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