Friday, February 13, 2015

Another PM Update

My PM's updates seem to come every two weeks- which is okay.  The PM for this community is a very busy man with all  houses that are breaking ground on a weekly basis. There are about 3 homes scheduled to close in March.

So here is the scoop- my lot has been graded and the topsoil added.  He also said that my driveway will be repaired, no more lumps and bumps.  If I heard him correctly, the driveway will have to be moved over a little, for what reason I don't know.  My walkways from the driveway to the home have also been laid.  Carpets have been installed and my steps and railings will be stained this weekend. They also replaced my damaged kitchen cabinet.   I wonder did they also repair this:

see that huge scratch?  Do not paint over this- replace it

The only hiccup is that the railings for my portico have been delayed.


I was told there may be a lot of tape so be careful where I go if I visit this weekend, and I will visit.  I forgot to ask him about my chair rail as that was not installed the last time I was in the home.  At first I thought it didn't come with trim package #3 but I re read my punch list and sure enough, its there in black and white.  Always check your punch list- this helps to ensure you are on top of ALL your standards and your options that are to be placed in your home, like my chair rail.

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