Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Closer than I thought!

My PM just answered a few questions that I had about my home construction and I actually got quite a shock.  Specifically I questioned what the timeline looked like for my home.  His reply?  "Looks like we are on track for a March 5th pre settlement date" WHAT?!  I should have known but I did not know we were so close!  So yes my house looks like its moving fast because it is.

I will note that there are a few things they will do after settlement because we are a winter build.  Things like painting my front door and regrading and seeding my lot.  In addition, they still need to plant that buffer of trees.  I also suspect they will have to repour my driveway.  The asphalt is really lumpy and bumpy.  But still- that date is SO close!

He also answered my question about those day glo "sold" signs in my windows.  It helps let potential buyers know that the home is sold and it is not a "spec" house. which is a home built without a contract in place.  Makes sense, but can we put a big "This belongs to......." sign in the window instead?   No? Sigh.


  1. Not to much longer for you, and you will be moving in. If you want things fixed/finished after closing because of the current weather, I would make sure to get it in writing. The yard seems normal, but painting the front door, I would think they could move the door inside to paint and dry, but I'm not a painter, lol. As for the asphalt in the driveway, some times they add another layer after, if it's level with your garage floor already then they won't be most likely. Because they would have tear out the current asphalt before installing new so water doesn't go into your garage from the different heights. Tearing out would be very costly to the builder. I only know this because one of my family members own a paving company. If it's lower then the garage then your in luck. :)

    1. To paint the door it must be above a certain temperature. Mid March weather in the Northeast is a crap shoot- never no what you are going to get. Beyond that- we will have an inspector at the pre settlement meeting because I have a feeling we will be to in love to see any flaws ;)