Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are they done yet?

No- but I am getting little batty waiting for my wonderful home to be completed.  And I thought the wait for them to break ground was bad!
In the mean time in my minds eye, I have been decorating the boys room.  Their rooms are simple- dark wood furniture and their favorite sports teams: Eagles and the Phillies.  On that note look at what I found at our local Target:

These canvas prints are just the thing at $40.  I still want to get one of these Fathead murals:

Still would have to figure out a good paint color for the walls- but I got a year to work on that, sigh.
I would love to have something like this for their beds.  The trundle bed feature would be great for when one of their friends wants to sleep over.  

I am also came across some other printed canvases that just brought out the tom boy in me

Maybe these can go in our basement.  I really like the look of the Spider and Captain America comic book cover.  


  1. I've been mentally decorating our house while we wait too. I love what you've pick for the boys room. We're thinking about doing a combination of Philly and Baltimore accents for our rec room so I'll have to check out what's available at Target.

    1. I was rather surprised to find the canvases at Target. had the SAME murals (though not on canvases) for $100, so the $40 dollar local find (no shipping) was a real winner for me.