Friday, February 27, 2015

Where do I start?

My PM called today to tell me the progress and confirm my walk through next Thursday and let me know the progress of the house.   Apparently not one company in the area is mixing asphalt and I need asphalt to have my driveway repaired.  So what do we do- keep begging asphalt companies to mix away.

Next my driveway apron needs to be moved over 2-3 feet but concrete cant be poured for it until its a little warmer, which happens to be this coming Wednesday where its predicted to be nice toasty 55 degrees.  Yes I know that was a run on sentence.

I also got a chance to question the staining of my steps and that loose board of my portico.  Yes the steps and banisters was touched up but I can critique them again on Thursday.  As for the portico he will take another look it and have it repaired- still no word on the missing railings.

Last piece of information- we are totally locked out!  The locks have been switched to the fancy bronze hardware and the only 2 people who have the key are my PM and the settlement company.

Right after speaking to our PM, our loan officer called.  We need to fulfill the remainder of our conditions (W2s, bank statements and taxes) because we are scheduled to close on March 12th.  SAY WHAT?  We had been kept in the dark for so long we had no clue that the we actually had a date.   What about the appraisal?  That was completed in January.  Why didn't we get a copy of it?  Because underwriting gets to see it first and nothing will be turned over to them until the rest of the conditions are met.  Yikes!


  1. 13 days!! Holy cow, congrats!! Let the frenzy of packing, and paperwork begin!!

  2. Wow, you'll be closing before you know it....hopefully they will get everything fixed and communicate better with you over the next two weeks! Congrats :)