Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's my home

I made my weekly trek to the new house and yes the busy little bees were hard at work again.  I stopped by the model house to get permission (oooh that kills me but I wanted them to know I am keeping watch).  They were entertaining quite a few perspective buyers- looks like our 70% (yes we are 70% sold out) may be reach 100% really soon.

The SRs were so busy in fact I was told I didn't need an escort.  Of course this may change next week but I have my permission papers for the day.

She has her other eyelash!

My stone facade is getting its finishing touches

Granite counter tops have been installed

Hardwoods all have been installed,  looks great with my counter tops
My kitchen the cabinets have installed but needs some finishing work

Fireplace mantle needs to be repainted but my surround looks gorgeous

There was a list of items taped to the kitchen cabinets that must be repaired or replaced.  I am glad because things like this should not happen

More Pics!

Crown Molding looks really nice in the study

When I walked into my master bathroom I literally squealed with delight

 I can't wait until they install the shower head

This is inlay is just beautiful

 I don't remember picking this for my shower floor but I like it, it has the look of travertine tile

 Great pic to see how the cabinets, counter top and tile look together

The hall bath is completed tiled and grouted, they still need to install the cabinets

As I was leaving I noticed that my porch columns  and coach lights were also in place

This image would look so much better without that dumpster in the way
Side note- I was so concerned about my laundry room door swinging in versus my preferred out, that I just had to check to see how "closed in" I would feel if I had to partially close the door to fold clothes on the counter.  With the door at a 45 degree angle, the space does not feel tight at all.  I can actually use all of the counter (reaching over a little of course) comfortably without any trouble.  In addition, the vinyl floor we choose for the laundry looks so much like ceramic tile, I don't think I will replace it right away.  

Funny Story:  As I was looking at my secondary bedrooms, I heard someone call out "Hello" from downstairs.  I didn't respond as I figured it was someone touring the home and I didn't want to scare them.  I attempted to slip out but the small group came around the corner just as I hit the bottom step.

"Oh," a well dressed woman said, "Someone else is looking at this house too"  I smiled and said "Actually, this is my home"   I think I gave her quite a shock as she had the designer hand bag, coat and heels and here I was in my traditional weekend attire: a hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers.  But boy did it feel good to say "My home."  Which reminds me:  I noticed several Ryan Homes posters with an orange "SOLD" sign in the windows.  I am curious as to why they would do this.  My lot sign with "sold" plastered on it is still out front (or is it?).   


  1. Looks great! I think your closing date is going to move up!

  2. LChapman,
    We are building a Ryan home and blogging about it too. Would you add us to your blog list?

  3. Your house looks so nice! I really love your crown molding! We're probably going to try to DIY crown molding in our living room and bedroom.

  4. Nice girlfriend!!! Woo whoooo!!! Looks great!! I'm in love with that shower floor. Who, what, where, HOW did you get that?....maybe your model offers the tile. I think we just get the crappy white basin floor. Gross.
    We passed by Sunday as we were moving yo our temporary place. It DID look very busy. Wow, 70%!! That's great!! But, they let people walk through homes being built like yours to see the layout? We never got that offered to us. Just curious.

    1. Yes- I walked through a Verona as it was being built. Until we close- the house technically doesn't belong to us. So yes, IF there is no other model nearby they will allow you to walk through the home to a feel for the space.

      As far as the shower floor tile- I am not sure how or why but I am glad it did, lol.