Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday and hard at work

Since all the good stuff is going on inside my home, I have restricted myself to going once a week, typically on a Sunday.  I figured all the workers would be home getting ready for the Super Bowl and their own personalized wing fest.  Nope.
Today I was a good girl and didn't sneak in.  Today I dutifully went down to the model home and politely asked if I could walk my home.  And the only reason why I did it today was because instead of the 1 or 2 workers I typically encounter there were  at least 8 today.  Yes 8 tradesmen and at least 1 trades woman hammering and gluing and tiling stuff in my home AND my house didn't in the least feel crowded.  SCORE!

I toured my home and took pics and marveled at all the things they accomplished in such a short time.  I commented to my husband that it may be early March vs mid March that we will close.  He seems to think that tomorrows threat of 9 inches of snow spurred them to get work done today. We will know soon enough.  On to what you really came here for:  PICS! Ignore the order of pics- blogger wouldn't let me rearrange them
My columns have been installed.
Kitchen cabinets being installed 
Kitchen cabinets
I wonder if he is wondering how fast he can get home 
Dining Room Chandelier

 It looks like they started painting and it will a slight off white color
 Metal balusters
Wainscoting installed!

French doors with transom window 

 Laundry Room- I like the shutter type door
 Column at the entrance of the master bedroom
 Light fixtures in bathroom

Tile in place, needs to be grouted 

Looking up to the second floor
Foyer Chandelier 

Hall Bath- floor tiled but needs grout

I finally remembered to ask about the percentages of the different models in the neighborhood.  As I figured there are few Ravennas as this is the decorated model.  But since my community periodically changes the model offerings we have quite a few of the other models in the area- Naples and Bainbridge are two of the models no longer offered- well at least for now.  He also reported that more people are now interested in the Courtland Gate.   Something that I had heard from my own SR.    


  1. Sooooooooooooooo glad you got to go in. How exciting!!! Love your columns!! Looks so fancy. Love your home :).

  2. Wow, it's really moving along. Looks great! You are gonna have a splendid foyer. I'm envious. Are you guys keeping all the chandeliers and lighting do you think? That's one thing we changed last week. We opted for the standard because I'll want to find our own lighting. Your tub looks devine too. The Ravenna model bath was so tiny so we opted for a larger shower instead. Wish I had the option for a tub like yours! :))

    1. These are the standard lights- that was one thing we didn't upgrade (the upgrades weren't that much different). Lighting will come into play when we start to decorate- as it is now I am okay with what we have- simple to clean, lol.

  3. Your house is really starting to come together. I love the wainscoting and metal balusters!

  4. It looks awesome!!! The best thing about following your blog for me is I get to live my dream twice! Once through your build and 2nd when we actually start building our home! Apart from a few minor details we will be building the same house! I do have one suggestion I'm not even sure if it is the laundry room door and cabinets in the pic that I think it is but have you thought of having the laundry room door swing out into the hallway than in to the laundry room? I think if you're using the laundry room and need to fold or have access to the cabinets you not having to close yourself in to the room will make a huge difference. It might not be a big deal but being overly OCD and claustrophobic I have that on my list of things I want in our CG. Just a thought.

    1. We did ask to have the laundry door swing out at our pre construction meeting and the answer was no. Your PM may be a little more accommodating but for right now, I think that's easy enough for us to switch once we move in.