Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lovesick Homesick

I have been trying to occupy myself until I get a chance to see my home again.  I didn't get an opportunity this past weekend as the boys activities completely overtook the entire family.  I have taken to reading my own blog and looking forlornly at pictures of the house that I took.   Yes folks- I am lovesick homesick and its bad.  We have been waiting for this moment for so long and now that's its so close- it seems even farther away! *sigh

To keep myself busy I have been working to fulfill my Etsy orders- which seem to be flowing better this month than the previous months- when I wanted to save more cash!  In any case- I have received a few large orders plus some smaller ones which has sufficiently kept me busy.  Okay not quite- I also started researching perfume making again.  But that process is still way into the future as I will be developing and testing blends for a bit.

The other thing I have been doing is searching artistic pieces- paintings and sculptures.  I originally started on Etsy- looking for one of a kind pieces and generally found one of a kind prices!  Starving artist my foot!  If I really liked the piece it was either from another country ( I want made in the USA)  or it exceeded my personal limit of $200.  That being said I did find a few items.

I then amused myself and took a gander at Amazon.  Surprisingly enough- they do have a fine art section but the prices there were even higher than Etsy.   Lowering my expectations, I decided to look at reprints/ copies on stretched canvas and found a few items that look pretty decent
What did you do to kill time until you got your keys? Holding off on doing a lot of shopping right now but oh how I want to pull out that plastic!