Friday, February 20, 2015

Plank Tables and Mailboxes 2

I have found few more vinyl decal that I think might be just the thing- fancy and it clearly shows the address

I think I like the first one better, less distraction.  This company offers the decals in different colors but I will probably just pick white to keep it clean and simple.  These were found on Etsy as well.   My husband may think I am off my rocker for this one.

I am home sick today (insert hiss and boo here) and so I have been watching  ton of  HGTV.  I think I want a plank table now for the morning room.  I had originally said distressed but I love the rich hues and tones of a table like this

Or this
Still not sure of the seating for the tables- it must be durable and easy to clean to withstand my boys and their friends.   I am really not a fan of the bench seating that seems to popular pairing with these tables.

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