Thursday, February 19, 2015


If you didn't know by now- I am a little excited that RH has "planted" my mailbox.

But I also noted that numbers are located on the garage only and not on the mailbox.  I had noticed one of my neighbors had lovely stenciled lettering on the side of their mailbox and had thought that RH homes provides this for ALL mailboxes.  I was wrong.  I knew I was wrong as I took a closer inspection of the mailboxes in my neighborhood and noticed that a few of them had that blocky stick on numbers you get from Home Depot and not the pretty calligraphy invested in by my neighbor.   
In a quest to do something just as pretty as my neighbor  I started searching Pintrest boards and quickly found what I needed on my favorite handmade site, Etsy. 

Here are a few of my finds.   Which one would you vote for?
All of these are from one company back40life.  I like the styles and I like the fact that I can get 2 sides for $15.   In addition I am impressed with the nearly 12K sales, which for me says that they are doing something right.  I will continue to look but I doubt I will find something better.  


  1. I really like all of the options you picked, but I think the second one is my favorite.

  2. I like the first and last the best. It depends on if you want your last name on your mailbox. I had no idea they don't give you numbers for your mailbox, too funny, I bet the mailmans hate ryan homes neighborhoods, for this, lol.

  3. I like the third because it focuses on the street number. It makes it easy for someone looking for the address.

  4. Ooooo, pretty. Great idea! I love Etsy!

  5. The second one is my favorite....but they are all cool designs :)!