Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vertical Garden Wishes

One of the things I really would like to do is have my own garden.  However, I am really not into manual labor so I don't know how that's going to work, lol.  But seriously, I always wanted an Aerogarden because they seem so easy!

This thing can grow herbs, tomatoes and even strawberries!  I love the idea of having it available all year round because its indoors- no pesticides, no bugs and no pests (except for my darn cat).

But in that search I came across vertical gardening and in particular the Tower Garden.  

This beauty is based on the idea of aeroponics.  Basically, you grow the plants without soil.

Now this I can get into- no dirt!   I also like the idea I can use this indoor or outdoor and that I don't have to be expert gardener to make it happen.  Plus its all organic! The major drawback:  the system is costs over $500.  My husband of course thinks I am nuts.   But we eat a lot of spinach, strawberries, string beans and I love okra and squash.  Adding this to my Aerogarden and the dwarf Meyer lemon tree, I can have that garden I always wanted without upsetting the HOA.  

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