Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dry wall is up!

I was determined to stop by the house today.  Pre Drywall was 9 days ago and the last time my PM spoke to me he said that they were waiting on the plumbing inspection before they could insulate and put up the drywall.  We I guess we passed because my home is about 95% drywalled.  I didn't take a lot of pics-
Morning room with my home specs taped to the window

Family Room- can't wait to see my fireplace

Still love this window!

Gratuitous pic of tray ceiling in master bedroom

Told you- about 95% complete
Arched gateway to my new fortress of solitude!

I also noticed that the work on the siding has begun.  I was so torn on if the siding was too dark, or not dark enough.  I desperately searched the Internets for my exact color combination but quite a few came back with that icky 60's green color.  

Not too dark and with the stone we chose I think will it make my siding look a little greener.  So this Wednesday I will do a drive by to see if they have started that part.  
I also had a little conversation with my neighbor to the right.  Her kids were so cute, immediately trying to call her back over when they noticed she disappeared.  "Mommy!  Who's that?"  Don't worry little one, I'm not trying to take your mommy away, lol.  

PS- my "L" key is stuck.  Do you know how annoying it is to type a whole post and having to pause to pound the darn key so that it will type? Ugh! 

PPS- just found out you can set the time for your blog!  Now I know you guys wasn't answering me at ungodly hours of the night,  


  1. Haha! I still need to figure out the time setting!! Omg, those kids sound like mine. I had to run outside the other day to give someone our old baby swing & sure enough I see my 2 yr old twins chiming "Mommy" climbing down our front steps in their pj's & NO socks!! It was freezing! Lol
    I really like the arch. Man, I wish we had that offered in our model. I can't wait to see your stone ...the siding looks nice! And seeing your extra windows in your bedroom is making me wonder if we should add ours back. I'm torn b/c I need it to be dark when I sleep & I suffer with migraines often & need a dark room to resort too.
    It's coming along nicely! Can you go in alone or need someone there with you?

    1. I currently live in an interior row home. My husband and I love natural light, so we added ALL the optional windows. There are pros and cons to this; less need for artificial light but it may discolored our hardwoods over time. Oh and did I mention I would need window treatments for all of them? But that could be an option for you- add the windows but get special window treatments that when you close them they block out all light.
      My arch makes me feel like a queen! I have one to the entrance of my shower as well. I actually stood in my master bedroom giggling about it all.
      I was officially told I needed my PM with me to walk the house. But our schedules doesn't always mesh sooooooo........I know once my appliances arrive, I will have to follow the rules :(