Friday, January 9, 2015

We got a call from our PM

Correction:  I got a call from our PM today about where to place an extra outlet that we have.  Excuse me? We have an extra outlet?  Where does it go?  We choose? Wow!
I immediately called my husband who argued with me about the fact that we have it.  Look, I am only reporting what our PM just told me.  Can I put it my craft room?  Why?  Because I want one up high in that room for my equipment.  Put it in SC's room.  He has enough outlets,  But not next to the data link.  Yes he does.  No he doesn't.  Look I will call you back later.

I did call my husband back with the PM on the phone so he can hear everything I told him straight from the horse's mouth.  Like I made all that stuff up, hmph!  The PM did come up with a good comprise: put that extra outlet in our walk in closet.  Good enough- that means we BOTH get use out of it.

Now  for a little clarification.  Our current PM is not the one who told us it would be easy to add the wet bar later.  It was the previous one whom we never met in person.  Kind of glad he moved on after all the trouble he caused (got to blame someone right?).

If anyone cares to know- our part for the range has come in and the repair guy will back out tomorrow.  Probably arriving at the same time as the plumber.  Yep- my kids stopped up our toilet- again.  This time a plunger nor our auger can fix it.  They tell me I'm not allowed to put a "FOR SALE" sign on my kids.  sigh

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