Saturday, January 10, 2015

My new crusade

Before I begin, I really need to thank my neighbor to the right for allowing us to use his electricity for our sump pump until they turn on our electricity.  You absolutely rock!

I went back to house to check to see if they started all the repairs and fixes that have all the orange day glo paint on them.  The only thing I can see that they have done is reframed the doorway to my bathroom.  The attic access still has to be moved to the 3rd bedroom from the 4th
The PM drew the arch on the floor to show them which way the door should swing 
I stopped by to talk to my SR and ask a few questions (complain).  I truly feel that there wasn't full disclosure on a few items.  Like the fact the free buffer of trees was going to take up 25 feet of my lot.  I was specifically told that I would have a lot of side yard- not that most of that yard would  be trees.  I was then informed that it was in my contract (no it wasn't- that was mentioned at pre construction AFTER I asked) and that it was because I chose to build a CG.  Really?

So what about my outlet wiggle room?  No answer on that one but I didn't really expect one.
I also wanted to know when they were going to finally build that darn trail?  You know the one that will run directly beside and behind my home?  I need to know as this will affect how much yard I actually have left. Apparently, the developer is in charge of that part and my SR can only go on hear say about when that will go down.  In our community (and probably in all of the RH communities) the lot does not belong to RH until we sign a purchase agreement and put down a deposit.  In my case that happened in November.   This also means, RH can not touch and improve upon (move dirt) without the developer's permission.  Guess who didn't get permission yet?

I was told that have to be patient. Again, really?  There are 20 lots left to be sold out of 54 and all the home sites seem to be going fast.  Wouldn't it be prudent to begin work on the features you sold us on? No? Then how about this- I need reduced closing costs to be a happy woman right now.  Just so happens my SR will be meeting with her managers on Monday and this will be brought to their attention.   I will also get in contact with my NVR Mortgage contact.  The goal is to shave off $5000 or more of the total.

In general- I still love my home.  I walked my framed out castle today and started to envision where furniture would go and possible paint colors.  I stood in my bedroom and smiled at the fact I wouldn't be so cramped anymore.  I pondered about a mini green house on my deck.  I know my family can be REAL happy here but part of that is getting my kids a yard to play in and items placed and set where WE as a family find it convenient.

I will end this post with pics of my soon to be fabulous home
I am so short even the head of my home gets cut off! 
This will make one awesome foyer

Just had to get the arched window completely in the shot


  1. First, your home is coming along nicely! I bet it feels great!!

    I'm glad you stuck to your guns about getting more info on the community. They better not end up not committing to the trail & open space across your lot with the gazebo. I also plan to take our twins to that park. You'll have to fill me in if you get a reduced closing cost if they change their mind. When we first spoke to MT my husband complained about how high the HOA is compared to other communities we looked it. She mentioned the HOA may be reduced.... Now I'm wondering if this is the reason???

    1. Unless they plan on selling that as a home- which would piss everyone off, they are going to have to do something with that mound of dirt. As far as reducing HOA, I hadn't heard that- I would almost bet she became a used car salesman on you- telling you what you wanted to hear. Honestly- their HOA is a lot better than Toll Brothers but they do not offer as much as their sister company NVR. In general MT is a good person but I have always had the feeling her information was way too timely for whatever current concern I had.

  2. Oh the good old developer and HOA. Good luck ladies, we have been fighting with our developer for 2 years. We are a year behind, we have 4 phases and Phase two hasnt been dug for 2 years now, the developer must be having issues, but we are never told as you will soon find out HE is GOD!!! He has RH by the %$@@#. WE pay a HOA for NOTHING, WE HAVE NOTHING, not even and entrance or monmment or a trail or shit. We all fight with our HOA who takes are money and has nothing to show for it, yet we must pay it!!!

    As far as the trail, hell the developer can do whatever he wants with his easements and what not, you will never get answers about that trial cause apparently the developer doesnt have to tell you SHIT, I have been fighting this fight for 2 years, I recently gave up. The developer does NOT have to talk to you, ours will NOT cause we all have questions and he stopped dealing with us and our HOA wont help either.

    I hope you guys get answers about the development of your plan.

    Our street is cul de sac, ends on top of a beautiful farm, most gorgeous views, and sold this stage quickly and added a huge premimum to those lots at the end of the cul se sac. ONLY TO WEEKS LATER SET UP FRACKING ON THE HILLSHIDE, ITS A BEAUTIFUL SITE (sacrcasm) ITS LOUD AND BRIGHT AND EMBARRASING AND PATHETIC OF THE BUILDERS!!!

    1. I would be absolutely pissed and start keeping records of EVERY BLEEPING illness my family ever had since the fracking started. And keep it with a copy of the contract and all the info I gathered on the developer. Then start a social media war to get them to start getting what you want. If the HOA board is still controlled by them then this is the reason you are getting no where with them I think I read somewhere that once a development is about 75% sold they turn it over to the homeowners. If they hadn't started phase 2 then it sounds like its a long haul UNLESS you can get enough neighbors to go to them and raise a stink.

  3. Not to change the subject lol, but your pic made me think of something. The soaking tub is supposed to be installed on top of a bed of mortar to help support the bottom. If I were you I would step into it and walk around making sure that they got enough mortar under it so there is no movement of the floor of the tub. At this stage it's still an easy fix if they didn't. This was something they failed to do correctly on ours and it took a couple of tries to get it fixed--well close to being fixed. There is still a small area that flexes when you step on it, but we just avoid it. These aren't cast iron tubs. Too much movement and they will crack.

    1. Change away, lol. I expect that my inspector will mention that in his report later. He is coming out tomorrow. They still have some fixes to do before dry wall.