Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Siding

And one of my fabulous red shutters is up.  When I first drove up to the house today I kept wondering why my house looked so strange.  Then I noticed she had only set of eyelashes (shutters) in place.

In fact, it looks like they ran out of siding.  I could be wrong, but in any case I am starting to see my colors come together.  Now just imagine, my door the same color as my shutters?  What do you think?  

I also noticed workers delivering a ton of stuff from an over sized truck.  I wonder what goodies they brought this time?  New reason to check out my home this weekend. 


  1. So I am in love with your colors. Perfect contrast!

    1. Thank you! I was so nervous that it wouldn't look right. All I had was those tiny samples to go on.

  2. She's becoming a beauty! My hubby has Guardian appt tonight. I'll ask him to take a pic if more is done to it & it's still light out.

  3. Your colors are beautiful! The red door will look great.