Friday, January 16, 2015

What can I say

The Philadelphia Home Show is in town! Buy your tickets online for a discount.  This year they are reportedly doing free parking with shuttle service to the convention center.  Sweet!  I have had more than my fair share of PPA's little love notes.  Half of the time I didn't even know we were dating.

If you have read Thrifty Decor  Chick then you know her latest post is all about the reasons why she loves blogs.  On quite a few points I would have to agree with her.  Which brings me to the point of this post- why I blog and read blogs.

My reading list is all about new construction homes.  Why? Because this is the phase of life I am currently reveling in.  This blog is about writing down memories, exactly as I see them and exactly how I feel them.  Blogging is cathartic, it releases the stress of making a major decision where you are sure at every turn you are going to regret something.  Making it public is like baring my soul (okay not that dramatic but you get the point, lol)  In return I found a community of people who may not have had the same experience but can empathize with me because they can just imagine the trauma my little heart goes through with each and every step.  And this community is willing to share their personal stories about their own little missteps and near mishaps and the things they just so happen to get right.  We rejoice and we cry and we oooo and ahhh over those masterful enough to DIY their way to a gorgeous home.  We hiss and boo at the villain until one lone voice speaks up and clears the dust.  We love supporting one another and when needed, pull someone back from the edge.

What I find amusing, is the few people who are afraid of them.  Yes people actually fear the written word- isn't that so 15th century?  But alas these are the people I am truly wary of.  Anyone who can't enjoy these blogs for what there are- antedoctal information with lots of love must have something to hide.   Which for me says there MUST be some truth to the info I can find here.  I was told long ago the scariest person in any room is the one who is well informed.   I like to be scary, lol.  But it shouldn't be that way.  If you know your stuff or is at least willing to find the information then you have nothing to worry about.  Or is your biggest worry being exposed?

In any case, this new home construction thing  can be so stressful!  I will continue blog to release my stress and I will continue to read blogs to assure myself I am not the only one.

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