Tuesday, January 13, 2015

He said She Said

Today we were in contact with our loan officer to discuss the possibility of reducing our closing costs.  He was very helpful but in the end all the reductions suggested ended with us still paying the closing costs- with an interest rate no less.  He admitted that he works with lots of builders and that they rarely offer to pay part of closing costs if it wasn't originally written in the contract.  Hmmm.  He then directed us to speak to our SR.

I was also contacted by my SR today who said she spoke to management about the closing costs as well as my trail.  The trail is still up in the air (I am shocked!)  But she then directed me to speak to my LO to see about rolling the closing costs into the mortgage. Sigh

I kindly wrote them an email to the effect of "I will not play phone tag and I will not be sent this place and that place because no one wants to be responsible.  Do not contact me- contact each other and  once you guys figure this out, call me"  I am quite sure they have been very successful at putting people off by doing this very tactic- but its not going to happen today.   The novelty of" he said she said" was dead to me by the time I was a junior in high school.

My other point of contention is the non answer,  no answer by my PM in regards to my recirculating kitchen fan/vent.  I texted him and had planned on making a call but work was rather busy today.  In addition, I am now in the midst of training a new hire.  Not a big deal but it does require I pay attention to everything to make sure all my patients are happy and healthy and the new hire knows how to make sure they stay that way.

In the meantime, I will have my contractor meet me at the home to take a look at the potential wet bar with the not so easy plumbing.  I really didn't want to have issues with RH- and truly they are minor in comparison to some of you guys, but me and aggravation don't get along too well.  I'm aggravated.

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  1. Hang in there!! I'm would really be surprised if they don't work something out with you to help with closing costs. Your SR is probably the best person with negotiating a case for you all. Good luck!