Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some people

I was in a pretty okay mood today until.........

So if you have been following this blog you know that I was in discussions about closing costs and easements (trail and community space) with RH.  My mood was doing pretty well when as promised one of the sales managers called me.  I think someone viewed me as a difficult case (I just refused to be bounced around, that's all).  I got my husband on the phone and we were given a resolution to our closing costs, problem solved.  I even explained to manager S, the reason why my email was so testy.  He also discussed my concerns about the trail and the community space.  I have part of my answer and for now, I am satisfied.

Then out of the blue a lovely person tried to get snippy with me over my concerns about the blasted trail!  For clarification folks- the trail is supposed to run along side my lot.  That trail will help define my backyard space- which if you have been following this blog- seems to be shrinking by the minute.  My posts have never, I mean NEVER mentioned that the trail belonged to me exclusively.  Thus my quip about a letter writing campaign with my neighbors.  Yes it is for the community.  And all of us pay HOA fees for these spaces which is why I have every right to know when it will be built.

So please do me a favor, if you feel the need to be a little "tart" with me over a presumed subject- please re read the post BEFORE posting your comment.  Then think about what you are going to say before you say it.  I am not a shrinking violet and I have been known not to be so polite.  In other words, I will rip off your head and hand it back to you.

Sorry gentle readers if that offended some of you but some people............


  1. Don't let stupid comments get to you. The same thing happened to me when I blogged about having my wedding reception on cruise ship, people told me there was no way the cruise line would allow it. They did and it was cheaper then a normal reception. Anyways. We have a trail behind our lot too, no idea when it's going to be done, you bring up a good question. As for the closing cost, was there a verbal agreement or something that you are trying to get them to honor? Our contract listed $4000 but just a month after we signed they raised it to $5000 for the new signers.

    1. Thanks, just had to vent, lol. I bet that wedding was lovely.

      As far as the closing costs- there is an addendum we must sign-so yes it will be in writing. :)