Monday, January 26, 2015

I just so happened

To take a peak at the goodies that was left in the garage.  Wowee!  I am more than excited.

That's not all- my dry wall is all mudded and taped. 
My soon to be gourmet kitchen and morning room 

Family room 


Living room with its wonderful bay window

Master Bedroom

I love my tray ceiling 

Beyond that I am more than pleasantly surprised that the RH's energy efficiency program is not all hype.  My home currently is insulated and drywalled but the HVAC  is not switched on as of yet.  Despite it being 40 degrees on the outside I found the house to be quite comfortable on the inside.  I even thought I was imagining things until I went back into the garage and immediately noticed the temperature difference.  Now that's saying something considering the finished construction project will be over 4000 + square feet.    

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  1. Ok, the family room and bedroom looks huge!!! I'm super jealous :)