Sunday, January 4, 2015

I can't believe this!

Or maybe I should.  I have always held the belief that the biggest money issues arrive when you can't spend the money.
Case in point- I purchased a Kenmore Elite range about 3-4 years back, with the knowledge that I would be moving in the next 5 years (or at the time I had seriously hoped I would be moving).  Today for breakfast I cooked pancakes and I broiled bacon.  I do not fry bacon on the stove-ever;  I will forgo hot scalding splatter thank you very much.

 Every thing was going great.  I decided to bake chicken nuggets for the kids lunch and I turned the oven on.  Twenty minutes go by and I realized the darn thing hadn't heated at all.  I turned it off and turned it on, listening for the classic "whoosh" I normally hear when it has ignited.  Nothing.  Must be the pilot right?  It took me and my husband another 20 minutes to remember that this oven has an electric starter- no pilot light.

I started to set up service with Sears but didn't because they couldn't come out until Thursday and it would be $85 just to look at the problem.  Finally tried Home Advisor, which I had done before and found an appliance repair person with excellent reviews and that worked  on Sundays.  I picked up the phone to call at 3:52 pm only to notice that their Sunday hours are 9-3 pm.   Smacks forehead.

There goes the roasted chicken dinner, with rosemary potatoes and green beans I was going to make.  I had even considered baking a cake.  Instead I will have call the repair place first thing in the morning to set up service and brace myself for a possible $200 bill.  I am so hoping its a lot less than that as the work should take no more than 1 hour but I rather assume the worse and be pleasantly surprised than to have a minor heart attack.

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